Placenta Remedies & Prices

Scientific research has shown that the placenta retains hormones and nutrients following birth. Typically, mothers experience a crash in hormones at around 3 days postpartum (known as the baby blues). By consuming the placenta, it is reported that you are replenishing the body of lost hormones and nutrients, allowing for a smoother, more balanced postpartum recovery.


There are two different ways to encapsulate placenta's, each with different healing properties. The options are Steamed Tablets, Simple Tablets, or a 50/50 combination of both.

Simple Placenta Tablets - £200

    · Reported to be more energising

    · The 'simple' method of placenta encapsulation is where the placenta is de-hydated in its' raw form

    · This method yeilds the most tablets, as the placenta shrinks slightly when steamed

Steamed Placenta Tablets - £200

    · Reported to have an overall calming effect on Mother's dealing with stress and anxiety

    · More effective in preventing postnatal depression

    · The traditional Chinese method of placenta encapsulation

    · Tablets are steamed with lemon, ginger and chilli before being de-hydated

50/50 Combination Tablets - £220

    Benefit from the best of both World's with half simple tablets, and half steamed tablets.

    The placenta is divided in two, and encapsulated using both the 'steamed' and 'simple' methods

Mum's the word...

My body has recovered well. Postpartum bleeding has been minimal and my milk supply has been abundant. Again, a stark contrast to my previous postpartum experience. I don’t want my supply of tablets to ever end, but thankful I have opted for a tincture as a continuation of these incredible benefits.

R. Walters - Google Review

Additional Services

Framed Umbilical Cord Keepsake - £20

The umbillical cord is what connects the placenta to baby, supplying blood and nutrients from mother to baby.

Choose from a range of prints which can be personalised to include your babies name, which incorporate the umbullical cord in a special cord keepsake.

Mother & Baby Oil - £40

Placenta oil is considered an effective skin-firmer, lifter and hydrator. The stem cells derived from placenta are also used for their anti-ageing properties as they promote collagen production and increase skin elasticity.

Mother & Baby Placenta Oil can be used to minimise the appearance of stretch marks, accelerate scar healing and can be used for baby massage.

Placenta Tincture - £70

Placenta Tincture can help stabilise your hormones for years postpartum. It can be used during times of stress or transition, such as weaning or menopause.

It's a liquid form of your placenta with no expiry date, meaning it will last for several years after your pills have run out, giving you a boost when needed.

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These are my absolute must-have recommendations if you decide to have placenta remedies!

The 'essentials package' has been designed to offer a cost effective option for Mum's who want a premium package, which includes;

  • 50/50 Placenta Tablets (*option to have 100% Steamed or Dehydrated Tablets)

  • 300ml Tincture

  • Bespoke Oil

Any additional remedies can be purchased as an add-on to this package.

Essentials Package - £300

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